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Effective Pool Chemicals 

Heavenly pools, Inc. carries a variety of pool chemicals in Memphis, Tennessee and the surrounding area. You'll find great deals on chlorine tablets, soda ash, alkalinity and other products like algaecides to clarifiers used to keep your swimming pool as clear as spring water. Of course, if you want to be sure that you never fall behind on your pool care, simply schedule our team to stop by for regular maintenance.

Pool Water

Cleaning Chemicals

You'll find only the best products in our selection, through water testing, we can provide you with the products to make it easy to care for your own pool if desired.

If you need granulated chlorine, you'll find it at heavenly pools, Inc. at the highest percentage of available chlorine. our tablets and granular chlorine comes in 25-lb. buckets, 100-lb. containers available as well. your visit with us we would like to leave the warm feeling of honest and friendly service.